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Terminator 2 Onesie!

  This week we have a new onesie in our shops.  This was actually one of the first screens i had ever created but never really used it because I didn't exactly know how I wanted to print with it.  I finally came up with this.  This T2 onesie will definitely turn some heads and is great for any fan of Arnold.  These are printed on 100% cotton onesies and are available in white, pink, and blue.  This item has been added to our Etsy Shop, eBay Store, and .

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Toddler Tee Explosion! #3: Road House Shirt

    The entire time I was making this shirt, I had the biggest grin on my face.  Everything about this shirt is RIDICULOUS.  A toddler strutting around daycare wearing a shirt with Patrick Swayze on it....priceless.  Well, not priceless, but $15.00!
    This shirt is printed on a 100% soft cotton toddler tee from American Apparel.  It is now available in our Etsy Shop, eBay Store, and

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High Water Brewing: Campfire Stout

    Ahh Sunday.  My favorite day of the week (during football season.)  It's a day that I spend most of the week eagerly anticipating.  Not only is it a day about watching the Buffalo Bills, but it's a day about beer and food.  Every week I try to get something new to drink for Sundays.  This week, my wife had picked up a bottle of High Water Brewing's "Campfire Stout." 

   I haven't been doing a lot of beer reviews as of late.  The craft beer market is saturated.  It's not a bad thing, in fact, it's a fantastic thing to be a consumer.  The choices are ridiculous.  There are so many beers now that I enjoy and so many that I dislike, blogging about all of them just gets boring.  I've decided to save any beer reviews that I do for truly unique experiences.  Whether a beer is good or bad, if there is something truly unique about my encounter with it, I will share the experience.  This beer was one of them.

   The "Campfire Stout" is not a fantastic beer....but it is good.  The reason I wanted to write about it, is because it does something that other gimmicky stouts fail to do: It actually tastes like it's suppose to.  It actually tastes like it smells.

    It's one of my biggest pet peeves about stouts.  Breweries will create unusual stouts with flavors that spark intrigue.  Almost all of these things usually smell terrific, and almost all of them leave a disappointed beer drinker standing there with a glass full of mediocrity.  I had almost completely stopped trying them.

    The Campfire Stout is supposed to taste like S'mores and is actually brewed with Graham Crackers in the mash.  I'm not going to sit here and tell you that the beer tastes just like S'mores, but it does have a smokey, sweet flavor to it: worthy of praise.  It's not a surprise to me that this is High Water's top selling beer.

   If you are a fan of gimmicky stouts like this, I suggest you give this a try.  Finally, a stout that tastes like its meant to taste.


Toddler Tee Explosion! #2 Jesse and the Rippers Shirt

    Here is the second release in the October Toddler Tee Explosion!  This Jesse and the Rippers Shirt has always been a hit in the onesie and adult version.  Now its time to let your toddler rock this.  As of now, this is only offered in pink specifically catered to the ladies.  However, I will have this in grey in a few weeks (probably.)
    This is now available on our Etsy shop, eBay store, and at  All of our toddler shirts are printed on top quality, American Apparel shirts.  There will not be a single person that doesn't crack a smile at this shirt.
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Toddler Tee Explosion! #1:Toddler Serpico

    I have been too relaxed in rolling out new toddler shirts.  I realized this a few nights ago when I was on line browsing for cool toddler shirts for my daughter.  She is not quite a toddler yet, but soon.  Once I realized that there wasn't really a great selection of totally awesome toddler shirts, I had to get a move on.  Everyone has the same stuff.  Nobody has this!  Let your kid make his name known in daycare by sporting this Serpico shirt.  All of our toddler shirts are printed on super soft, American Apparel shirts. 

This shirt is now available in our Etsy shop, eBay store, and at

I will be rolling out toddler shirts over the next few days.  Stay tuned!
New Repo Man Shirt!

   Holidays are approaching quickly!  As you can see from this sweet picture, its already October.  I have been busy in the lab pumping out a few last minute designs before the holiday season kicks in and all new designs come to a halt.  This new shirt came out sweet, inspired from an alternate movie poster of "Repo Man."  This shirt is pure punk rock.  Any fan of this cult hit will love this.  This is now available in our Etsy store, eBay, and
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My Fantasy Football Experiment

    I'm a pretty big football fan and a die hard fan of the Buffalo Bills.  Every year I have the chance to join someone's fantasy league but never really wanted to try it.  I had never done it and it always seemed like a pain in the ass.  This year I decided to do it, except I decided to try something different.  First off, this was a free league with nothing more than "bragging rights" for the prize.  Fine with me.  All this meant was that I was free to be as crazy as I wanted to be.

    The draft was the most fun.  You had the predictable choices go first in the beginning rounds...but I decided to be ridiculous.  Or was I?  I didn't understand the logic of picking random players from different teams.  So what if they are the best players.  I looked at the Buffalo Bills roster this year.  The defense was looking great, the offense has impressive weapons with two starting running backs, and the quarterback (at the time) was supposed to be decent.  So in my eyes, EJ Manuel is either going to pass it to his two top receivers, or to his 2 running backs....and if hes not passing it to them, they will be running the ball with those two running backs.  Its almost double the points every play!  Right!?  The people I ran this by before the draft laughed at me...but nobody really told me "why" it wouldn't work.  The only drawback I saw was the bye week.  My goal was to make the playoffs with this method, so sacrificing the bye week was something I was willing to do.

   Of course I kept this a secret from everyone in the league accept my friend Pat who was pretty excited to see how this would work as well (although laughed at it as being ridiculous.)  I had my draft board laid out, 6 overall pick, and determined to get all my players.

My first pick:
C.J. Spiller

I figured, out of all my players, he would be first to go if someone where to take a Bill.

My second round pick:
Sammy Watkins

He has gotten so much hype in the off season, I didn't want to chance losing him/  I wasn't really worried about losing Manuel at this point.  I figured I could snag him in the 3rd round (like the Bills probably could have done...)

My third round pick:
EJ Manuel

My fourth round pick:
The Buffalo Defense

In the end I got everything I wanted:

EJ Manuel
Robert Woods
C.J. Spiller
Fred Jackson
Scott Chandler
Mike Williams
Buffalo Defense

Backups for bye week:
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Brian Hartline
Mark Ingram
Delaine Walker
DeAndre Hopkins

The Bye week will be tough to get through, my best shot at points is Fitzpatrick because he doesn't have to win, he just needs to get me those garbage stats hes known for.

So how have I done?  I'm 2-2.  I should be 3-1.  I lost the first week by only a few points because I forgot a player when setting my line up.  I didn't know "w/r/t" was basically an extra player to use.  What was once a laughing stock during the now raising eyebrows.  Nobody wants to lose to my team.  Nobody.