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"Bill.....It's your baby..."

    I'm pretty excited about this latest addition to my catalog of baby clothes.  As stated in an earlier post, I recently saw the "Kill Bill" movies about 2 weeks ago for the first time.  I'm not sure why it took me so many years to see them, but I loved them.  I started brainstorming ideas for baby clothes and it wasn't long before I came up with this.  The original plan was to find full body pajamas but I was unsuccessful.  Option #2 was going to be a yellow romper.  I was able to do this.  I wanted it to sort of look like the yellow outfit from the movie, or at least look like that was the purpose of the color selection.  I came up with this:

This is available in all our eBay, Etsy, and of course at
Cool Addition to Our Daughter's Room

    As a kid I always had a wild imagination.  Whether it was playing with my action figures while involving them in a continuing storyline or acting in imaginary movies, both activities I would do by myself in my room.  If someone where to have filmed me, I'm sure it would have been embarrassingly hilarious.  As ridiculous as it was, I feel today that it was healthy and helped me grow to be creative as an adult.  We had video games growing up, I had my Nintendo/Sega.  I didn't really give a shit about any of them. 

   I wanted Amelia to have a room that would hopefully spark her imagination.  I wanted a room that she would want to play in.  Nicole and I started brainstorming this room even before she was born.  This newest addition was something she had come up with that really put the final touch on her bedroom.

A freakin' Tee Pee with a little fake animal skinned rug!  We got this on amazon for $130.00, I was able to use my amazon points and got it half off.  They have it in 2 sizes, we opted for the 6 ft size which was the smaller.  It fit perfectly.
Her face is always priceless when I show her something new.  This was no different, and for a little while she wouldn't go in it.  She just looked at it.  Eventually I convinced her to go in by going in it myself with her favorite book, "Harry the Dirty Dog."  She followed me in and seemed to like it.

    The quality of this thing is really nice.  The reviews on Amazon from everybody had said it was nice quality, but that it had a gross fishy smell.  It actually didn't at all.  Maybe they fixed the issue.  I'll have more pictures of her room once we finish the clouds that we want to paint on the wall.

Random News Update!

  I've been crazy busy the past few weeks, so I haven't had much time to update this blog!  A few notes:

1) We are already into September!  Less than 4 months until Christmas!  Every order we have been sending out since the summer has has an included coupon code as a "thanks."  Keep these handy as they can be used this holiday season!

2) Years ago we used to do a yearly holiday Indie shopping show in Rochester, NY.  I haven't done one in a few years now because we have been so busy each holiday, but this year I might be squeezing one in, which will be in Buffalo, NY.  I'll know more on this if we get "accepted" into the show.  It's not something I need to do, and I'm sure I'll kick myself for doing it because it gets so busy, but it's great to get out and see the people who buy from us! I miss it.

3) It's 2014, and yesterday I watched "Kill Bill" for the first time.  I'm not sure why it took me so long to see it, but I'll definitely be working on some Kill Bill shirt art, hopefully soon!

Stay Tuned!

Fan Expo Canada: I Have Returned.


    Well, I have to admit,  this most recent trip to a comic convention was a lot better then the last.  Also, the overall experience in Toronto, Canada was more enjoyable as well.  Up until this point, I never really had a great time in Toronto.  Don't get me wrong, I am far from saying that I "love" this city, in fact, I barely like it, but this time around was quite pleasant.

    We didn't get a hotel, as these days, you can get a way better room for a fraction of the cost using Airbnb.  If you are unfamiliar with this site, its basically people that rent out their apartments or other properties they own.  In this case, we rented an apartment on the 34th floor of the Tiff on Widmer St. right in the heart of downtown Toronto. It was a one bedroom apartment overlooking the city with a nice balcony.  A pretty awesome deal.

View off the balcony.

View off the balcony at night.

    When we arrived, we unpacked our gear and head out to the streets in search for some food.  We were right near King Street which was loaded with places to eat/drink.  We didn't put much effort in to researching for this particular meal as we were both pretty hungry from being stuck in shitty Canadian traffic for way longer than we should have.  We choose a restaurant called "Hush" which advertised a rooftop patio.  It didn't really feel like a rooftop patio.  It just felt like a patio, mainly because it actually wasn't on the roof of the building.  False advertising.  The drink menu was slim with only a few beer choices and some mixed drinks.  We went with some hard ciders called, "Somersby."  I got the regular and my friend Pat got the blackberry.  I should have figured they were going to be horrendous when the waitress asked if we wanted them on the rocks.  She said they were "meant to be on ice."  I don't know, maybe it's just me, but if you brew something that tastes the best when you dilute it with ice, its probably terrible.  We opted out of the ice.  And we were right.  Terrible.

    We ordered burgers for dinner where we were reminded the hard way that you really don't get to choose your temperature in Toronto when ordering a burger.  They just bring you a well done patty.  Thankfully it somehow was still juicy, but I will probably never order a burger in Canada again.  I did other research online about this topic, and this is apparently just how things are there.

    When cashing out, I was reminded of another really obnoxious Canadian thing that we actually encountered a lot when we were in Montreal.  The dreaded credit card machine.  Here in the states, you order your meal, they bring the check, you give them your card, they take your card, the bring it back for you to sign in privacy were you pay your bill and calculate whatever tip you want to leave.  In Canada, they give you a device that's about the size of a Zack Morris phone, they swipe your card, and then hand the machine over to you to cash yourself out and enter your tip.  The entire time you awkwardly do this, they stand over you.  It is awful.  I jokingly mocked the device at the table with our waitress who told us that the US is "behind" on this restaurant technology.  I am going to disagree.

    After dinner we headed outside and noticed a ton of people in Blue Jays gear heading to the stadium.  It was a really nice night and we didn't really have plans to do anything specific, so we said "why not?"  Off to the Rogers Centre , off we went for a random baseball game where it happened to be against the NY Yankees.  I really don't care about baseball anymore, although I did when I was a kid.  This made the game a bit cooler to see, especially because I got to see Derek Jeter play before he retires.  It was kind of cool.

    A few awkward things about Blue Jays baseball.  First, the drinking age in Canada is 19.  Second, the marketing for Blue Jays gear is based around the slogan, "I Love BJ's."  Third, the $17.50 seats are a nice bargain, but its pretty much the section of the stadium that's just packed with 18-19 year old kids.  So basically your sitting in a section full of 18-19 year old girls, all drinking heavily, all wearing shirts that say "I love BJ's."

   The excitement of the game only lasted until the 7th inning, then we were ready to get the hell out of there and go find a craft beer place.  Upon doing some research, we settled on "Bar Hop" which touted 30 taps, over 100 bottles, and 2 casks.  That was enough for me to make my decision.  We headed down to this place, which was walking distance from the stadium.  This is were Canada falls short with their beer.  The entire list was 5% ABV beers, all from Canada.  There was on 7% Imperial IPA from North Island which I started off with.  It was actually pretty decent.  We then had a wild cider on cask which sort of smelled like urine, but tasted better then it smelled.  The overall experience at this place was pretty good.  Nice vibe, great beer selection (probably the best your going to see being in Canada), and a nice crowd.  After our beers, it was time to head back and get some rest before FanExpo!

   We got to FanExpo around 11 after having some breakfast.  The line was gigantic to get in, but moved quickly and we were inside in less the a half hour.  We were pretty shocked at how fast it was.  Once inside, it was nerd insanity (with a lingering scent of B.O.) 

   With my only prior experience of one of these things being the Niagara Falls Con, I was blown away at the size of this.  People from all over wearing their favorite costumes and merchandise for everything nerdy imaginable.  Celebrities line up along the outer perimeter signing autographs for ridiculous prices, some with lines of people, some with no line or people at all. 

    The second section of the convention center was the best.  It was the section with all of the comic book artists and other random artisans from all over.  People selling custom shirts, artwork, cosplay weapons, etc.  It was very cool and we spent the most time here.  I was trying hard to find my daughter a Tardis Dress, but was unable to.  Actually there was hardly anything there for babies/toddlers.  It really made me think about looking into a vendor slot for next years show, but I'll probably pass.

    Overall this trip was decent.  I would definitely go to FanExpo next year, and although I still sort of hate Canada, this recent trip to Toronto was decent.
Karate Kid Miyagi-Do New Onesie!

It's been a while since I had some new onesies to debut.  Over the next few weeks I will have a bunch coming out.  The first onesie that I am releasing is another Karate Kid Onesie.  Before this I only had this item:

   Now you can dress your kid like a hero with the new Miyagi-Do onesie.  I had always wanted to do a print involving the Miyagi-Do logo.  This onesie came out awesome and whether you buy this for your kid, or a gift for someone elses, everyone will love this.

This is available in our Etsy, eBay, and main website at where you will get the lowest price.  Follow us on Instagram for a coupon code to use at our main website.
I finally got my hands on the #1 rated beer on Beer Advocate...

    Last night I was feeding my daughter at the kitchen table, thumbing through my phone as she currently is in this stage where it takes her forever to eat.  Occasionally she just likes to practice holding the foods, which is adorable, but can go on for a long time.  On facebook there was a post from Mike Shatzel, a guy pretty much responsible for opening the best beer bars in Buffalo.  The post read:

"2 cases of heady at monk"

    I had plans to go out later that night with my friend Pat, to catch a beer or two, and we happened to be going there.  I was pretty excited at potentially getting to try this.  People have been hyping it for some time now in forums and Facebook groups - it's not sold here.  I tried not to get my hopes up for scoring a can, and in a few hours I made my way over to The Blue Monk.

   As soon as I walked in, I saw a couple dudes at the bar with some.  I looked around to see if it was advertised anywhere.  There was nothing.  I wasn't sure if it was some secret thing or if I had to quietly ask for it...I wasn't sure how this worked.  I finally decided to ask as I wasn't quite sure if I'd ever have another opportunity.  Good thing I did.  For $9.00 a can, I now had in my hands a can of "Heady Topper," the number one rated beer on beer advocate with an impressive 100 rating.

    Now I'm not going to say anything bad about this beer because it was very good.  Just not at all what I expected.  I mean look at the artwork on the can.  It's awesome.  There are loads of hops exploding out of this man's head.  Getting to try another one of the other best beers in the world, Pliney the Elder, when I was in San Diego - I had high hopes for this beer.  I cracked open the can and took my first delicious sips.  It was really good, just not at all what thought it would be.  This beer was a lot sweeter then I ever expected.  It had a slight hop finish, but nothing memorable.  Maybe it's the West Coast beer lover in me, where I love a citrus, piney, hoppy overload that Pliney is able to supply, even Firestone Walker's Double Jack, but this beer was nothing like them.  It was unique in flavor, and the flavor was very good, just nothing I'd seek out special. 

   I suppose where this beer gets its praise is it's balance.  The balance of hop and malt among beer lover's is praised in over 7,000 reviews.  So from a personal point of view, I thought this beer was good, but not amazing.  Putting that aside, and breaking down what this beer actually is, how it tastes, the balance, the color and carbonation, this beer is very impressive and well crafted.  I had to really separate my personal preferences when tasting this.  I will have to thank my daughter later for forcing me to look at Facebook by endlessly staring at her piece if spiral pasta.  Love you kid :)

"Beer Camp" Weekend

    Typically I just drink IPA's, but have recently started trying other things. The local beer forums have been buzzing about "Beer Camp," a 12 pack collaboration with 12 top notch breweries. These breweries include Ninkasi, Firestone Walker, New Glarus, Ballast Point, 3 Floyd’s, Bells, Allagash, Russian River, Asheville Brewers Alliance, and Russian River in 12 oz bottles. With breweries like this participating, I had to try it out. I had seen the price for this 12 pack differ by location, but I found it here in Buffalo for $25. A bit steep, but these are one shot brews, so I made an exception.
As I stated before, I typically only go for West Coast IPAs and Double IPAs. This 12 pack had some stuff in it that I would never normally try. I decided to go into it with a completely open mind. The first beer I had tried from the pack was the Sierra Nevada/Cigar City Brewery collaboration, "Yonder Bock Tropical Maibock." This was actually in a can. I had tried a few beers from Cigar City earlier in the summer and was pretty impressed. A friend of my wife had brought us some from Florida. It was their year round releases: "Invasion Pale Ale" and "Florida Cracker White Ale." Both of them were very good. I chose to pour this into a glass.  Some would argue that it's meant to be consumed out of the can, but I hate doing that. The beer poured nicely and smelled great. I have found that Cigar City's beers have a "flavor" that sticks with each brew they make. It's not a bad flavor, it's actually really good. The color on this beer was as vivid as it's taste. I surprisingly loved this beer. As I write this, I am about 5 beers into the 12 pack (not all at once), and this remains my favorite. Bravo, Cigar City. You have impressed me.
Yonder Bock Tropical Maibock 
The next beer of choice was from the Sierra Nevada/Firestone Walker collaboration called "Torpedo Pilsner," which was touted as a "Hoppy Pilsner." I had high hopes for this one, as Firestone Walker is one of my favorite breweries. However, this was not a "hoppy pilsner."  It wasn't a bad beer, but it was nothing I'd bring up in a conversation. When I think of a "hoppy pilsner," I think of Victory's "Prima Pils" which is an excellent pilsner. This beer was light and refreshing, but lackluster and forgettable.

Torpedo Pilsner
Up next, Sierra Nevada and Russian River have created a Belgian style brew called "Yvan the Great Belgian-Style Blonde." I actually loved this beer as well. I don't particularly like Belgian-style beers, but maybe it was the weather?  Whatever the reason, I found this beer to be tasty and refreshing.  It held its flavor as it warmed up, too. A surprisingly good beer.

Yvan the Great Belgian-Style Blonde
I tried to drink these strategically, so the next beer I had was a collaboration from Sierra Nevada and Allagash Brewing known as "Myron's Walk," a Belgian Pale Ale. This beer was just "good." It was nothing special, yet it served as another Belgian-style beer that won me over. Not something I would seek out, but was a tasty, refreshing one-timer.

Myron's Walk - Belgian Pale Ale
The next selection was one I was excited to try. The Sierra Nevada and Ballast Point creation a"Electric Ray," labeled as an India Pale Lager. This tasted more like a double IPA to me, but I loved it. It was a bold beer, with a good balance of malt and hops. There were really no lager-like characteristics, so that aspect of it failed in my opinion, but the beer delivered some really good flavor that only got more intense as it warmed up.

The next beer that I tried from Beer Camp was the Sierra Nevada/Oskar Blues collaboration "CANfusion" Rye Bock. I'm not all that familiar with bocks, but this beer was solid as well. One of the higher ABV's in this pack, at 7.2, this beer packed a nice blend of rye, caramel and hops. This is one I would like to try again.

CANfusion - Rye Bock
The final beer for this post (I haven't finished the 12 pack yet), is the "Chico King" Pale Ale from Sierra Nevada and 3 Floyd's Brewing. This isn't like many pale ales I have had before, this one was beefier. For a pale ale, I found this to be powerfully malty and equally as hoppy. Another beer from this box of gems that I would like to have another of.

Chico King - Pale Ale
I should have the rest of these up in a few days. So far Beer Camp is a fun trip and makes for an engaging, at home, beer drinking experience. Although I'd say 90% of these beers are about average, they are good enough to enjoy this way.