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Review: Lucha Underground!

    I grew up a wrestling fan.  It was never something I hid from anyone, in fact I loved it.  Now in my 30's, I find myself only getting into it once in a while.  The current WWE product isn't for me.  I find it t be stale, dull, and too corporate for my tastes.  Over the past 6-8 months, I hadn't turned on any wrestling at all.  I was then introduced to "Lucha Underground" via the Internet.  This is a new show on the El Rey Network and has increased in the ratings over the past 3 weeks.   Nothing amazing, but it caught my interest.  So I gave the first 4 episodes a try.

    The arena, or "Temple" they call it, is borderline cheesy, but dimly lit and barely passes as an underground fighting venue. In the first three episodes, I almost found it distracting how generic the audience appeared.  The crowds were very small, and nobody even appeared as if they had ever watched wrestling before.  Last night I watched episode 4, the crowd was way bigger and everyone was pretty amped up.  It was almost as if someone had told wrestling fans that the show was going on.  This show, on episode 4, finally appeared to be high energy.

That's right....thats Danny Trejo..

    The main character/villain is promoter "Dario Cueto" who looks as if he's straight out of a bad soap opera.  He is presented as wanting to give $100,000 as an award to a victorious wrestler, but obviously is just used as a setting to allow him a chance at turning evil.  He doesn't appear in the ring all that often and is only shown in "Grand Theft Auto" style vignettes between matches.  These scenes are always amazing as they are hilariously over dramatic, and feel like you are watching a porno without sex. 

   There are several other sweet elements to this show.  First off, the show appears to have totally fresh talent.  It's not like TNA where they cater to people who made it as jobbers in major promotions like WWE.  Each show so far has done a great job at establishing new characters and taking time to give them background stories.  Believe it or not, they actually attempt to give you a reason to care about these characters, something you NEVER see anymore.  Each show features a few action packed matches and runs a series of different ongoing storylines. 

   Another unique element to the show is that they stress a level playing field.  This basically means that women can fight men, and little people can fight full sized people.  They don't even portray it as being odd or disadvantageous, its all presented as normal which is hilarious.  In episode two, you see Chavo Guerrero hit Sexy Star in the head with a steal chair.
   Overall, I see wrestling fans being "on the fence" with how they feel for this product.  With an hour time slot, you don't get long epic matches, but you get fast paced excitement.   There are no long standing side headlocks here.  Instead you have a flurry of characters diving out of the ring and leaping from balconies.  As a fan who is sick of the same old stale product, this show has sparked my interest in wrestling once again.

What The End of a Day Should Bring.

    Anyone with a 1 year old (or any young kid) knows, days can be hard.  Every move, every decision, and 90% of the time you have each day belongs to maintaining whatever routine you have developed to keep your kid healthy and as happy as possible.

    Joanna Goddard posted a blog a last week that I really loved.  Something I've thought about every day since Amelia was born is her future.  Not really long term (although that's obviously important as well,) but more short term things; rights of passage stuff.  In the article she writes about kids going off to school, finally being on their own around other kids who may or may not play nicely.  Thinking about how your kid may have moments where they feel sad or alone.  Watching Amelia smile with genuine excitement when its time to brush her teeth, or seeing how excited she gets when I chase her into her tee pee-the thought of her being sad about anything that isn't related to a temper tantrum is indeed heartbreaking.  Basically the point of her post was that in the end, you want to make home the one place that is guaranteed to be safe and warm, or in her own words - "a haven."

   Having read this, it made me think.  Not only was this true, but it should be that way for the whole family.  I work at home, so I'm here all day.  My wife however is not.  Like most folks, she endures the morning commute, the traffic, the weather, and every other outside element in her life that is stacked upon her shoulders.  All while toting a baby to and from my parent's house.

   I try to make sure that dinner is ready when they get home everyday because the baby usually only has a short amount of time left awake before its time to go to bed.  It's usually the same routine.  I get a text when they are leaving my parent's house which in turn, allows me to properly time dinner.  Usually a dinner that is quick and easy, lacks any effort, and that can be whipped up mindlessly.  That's fine most of the time.  We don't have much time to go out for nice dinners, usually once every 1 or 2 months if we can get my parents to watch Amelia.  In an attempt to create a nice surprise for them, tonight I will be making a delicious dinner from a recipe I found online.  I will also create an intimate, candle-lit table setting for my ladies. A glass of wine for my wife, and a sippy cup full of the finest water provided by our fridge for the beautiful Amelia Rose.

    As a man, it's easy to fall into a trap of taking thing for granted or to fall into a routine.  Some routines are unavoidable, especially during the week.  A simple tweak and a little thought can easily bring a smile to the faces you love, especially after a long day.

    Tonight I will be making 3 Vegetable Penne Pasta, which uses wheat pasta but I am being assured by the great Rachael Ray that there is a reason having to do with the combination of flavors and not just calorie cutting.

    Another thing, clean up a bit.  Not just in the house.  Yourself.  Take a look in the mirror.  Yeah, its sometimes more comfortable wearing old jeans, a t-shirt, and ball cap, but change it up.  Put on something nice.  Not over the top.  Just nice.

    In the end you have 2 people coming home who have been gone all day, tired, strung out, and itching to get into something comfortable to relax.  Part of the fun in having a little kid, is surprising them.  Sure, she doesn't know what a candle light dinner is...but she knows it wasn't like normal dinner, and we certainly don't light fancy candles!  She seemed to love it and had two whole plates of pasta with nothing but grins.  I love my family.

Evil Dead Ash Toddler Tee

   A new addition to the toddler shirt collection!  I tried something new with this one by putting this design on an American Apparel striped shirt.  It pretty much looks bad ass.  Any parent that was a big fan of this movie would probably love their kid walking around hailing to the king.

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Hail to the king baby....

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Terminator 2 Onesie!

  This week we have a new onesie in our shops.  This was actually one of the first screens i had ever created but never really used it because I didn't exactly know how I wanted to print with it.  I finally came up with this.  This T2 onesie will definitely turn some heads and is great for any fan of Arnold.  These are printed on 100% cotton onesies and are available in white, pink, and blue.  This item has been added to our Etsy Shop, eBay Store, and .

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Toddler Tee Explosion! #3: Road House Shirt

    The entire time I was making this shirt, I had the biggest grin on my face.  Everything about this shirt is RIDICULOUS.  A toddler strutting around daycare wearing a shirt with Patrick Swayze on it....priceless.  Well, not priceless, but $15.00!
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High Water Brewing: Campfire Stout

    Ahh Sunday.  My favorite day of the week (during football season.)  It's a day that I spend most of the week eagerly anticipating.  Not only is it a day about watching the Buffalo Bills, but it's a day about beer and food.  Every week I try to get something new to drink for Sundays.  This week, my wife had picked up a bottle of High Water Brewing's "Campfire Stout." 

   I haven't been doing a lot of beer reviews as of late.  The craft beer market is saturated.  It's not a bad thing, in fact, it's a fantastic thing to be a consumer.  The choices are ridiculous.  There are so many beers now that I enjoy and so many that I dislike, blogging about all of them just gets boring.  I've decided to save any beer reviews that I do for truly unique experiences.  Whether a beer is good or bad, if there is something truly unique about my encounter with it, I will share the experience.  This beer was one of them.

   The "Campfire Stout" is not a fantastic beer....but it is good.  The reason I wanted to write about it, is because it does something that other gimmicky stouts fail to do: It actually tastes like it's suppose to.  It actually tastes like it smells.

    It's one of my biggest pet peeves about stouts.  Breweries will create unusual stouts with flavors that spark intrigue.  Almost all of these things usually smell terrific, and almost all of them leave a disappointed beer drinker standing there with a glass full of mediocrity.  I had almost completely stopped trying them.

    The Campfire Stout is supposed to taste like S'mores and is actually brewed with Graham Crackers in the mash.  I'm not going to sit here and tell you that the beer tastes just like S'mores, but it does have a smokey, sweet flavor to it: worthy of praise.  It's not a surprise to me that this is High Water's top selling beer.

   If you are a fan of gimmicky stouts like this, I suggest you give this a try.  Finally, a stout that tastes like its meant to taste.